Zeroes and ones, part 4

27 Nov

Q: Looking at the selected paragraphs below, and before doing any Googling, is there anything wrong with this article that can be determined simply from the evidence in front of you? Answers below

A: Not a particularly difficult one by the standards of what HeadsUp calls “implied mathematics“. If Hella Pick is 90 next spring, she’s 89 now. That means she was born in 1929. If she was born in 1929, she can’t have been 37 in 1980: she would have been in her 50s. So either her age or the date of Tito’s death is wrong. A quick bit of Googling would then tell you Tito indeed died in May 1980; so Ms Pick’s age at the time can be quietly removed from the copy. “… then 51 and working for the Guardian” somehow sounds much less glamorous.


2 Responses to “Zeroes and ones, part 4”

  1. the ridger November 28, 2018 at 5:11 pm #

    Also, she retired to “his room”? Was she staying with Tito? (Or, of course, someone identified in a bit you didn’t show us.)

    • edlatham November 28, 2018 at 5:33 pm #

      Yes, sadly the latter! I should have made the clipping a bit bigger – the full quote is

      “Supplies of the delicacy were brought into Belgrade by a Time magazine correspondent also covering the lengthy final illness of the communist head of state. Every evening, Pick – then 37 and working for the Guardian – would retire to his hotel room with other foreign reporters to enjoy the luxurious treat”

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