Gene editing

22 Jan

Ha. At the end, this reads a bit like …

Absurd, of course, but you could almost mistake “He”, meaning rogue Chinese geneticist He Jiankui, for “He” meaning the last person who spoke, David Liu. Ha! Amusing.

I mean, only for a moment. It’s just the lure of low attachment. No one will be genuinely misled. Pointless to worry about hypothetical microseconds of confusion like this.

I mean, you don’t want to be one of those editors who insists on not splitting “15 million” after “15” at the end of a line. There are bigger fish to fry. Factual errors could be sailing past your nose while you worry about footling details.

I mean, for example, we’re specifically told in the style guide only to hyphenate compound adjectives when there’s a genuine risk of confusion, not just a hypothetical one. Edit for real-world readers, not copydesk professionals who are mordantly obsessed with ambiguity. Come on, get on with it. It’s fine.


I’ll just change it.

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